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A summary of our General Terms & Conditions is detailed below and is intended for guidance only.

For Terms & Conditions of specific offers &/or fares, please request at the time of booking.

Definitions:- In these conditions "the Company "means RB Sport & Travel; "the customer "means the person(s) or company to whom this document is addressed.

Conditions:- General conditions of sale. These conditions shall  form the basis of the contract between the Company and the customer not withstanding anything to the contrary in the customer's standard conditions of purchase, these conditions shall apply except so far as expressly agreed in writing by the head office of the Company.  No servant or agent of the Company has the power to vary these conditions orally, or to make representations or promises about the condition of goods, their fitness for any purpose or any other matter what so ever.

Order acceptance:- Unless otherwise expressly stated in writing, all quotations & estimates by the Company are valid at the time of issue subject to availability and are invitations to treat. The customer's order is an offer and will become binding upon the Company posting its confirmation of the order.  A confirmed order may only be cancelled or varied with the Company's consent, the giving of the Company's consent shall not in any way prejudice the Company's right to recover from the customer full compensation for any loss or expense from such cancellation or variation. The right to sub-contract any order or part of any order is reserved.

Guarantee:- The customer shall carry out a thorough inspection as to the accuracy of the tickets / confirmation forms within a reasonable time of their receipt and shall contact the company initially by phone or fax or E-mail and give written notification to the head office of the Company forthwith, of any defects that a reasonable examination would have revealed. In the case of other complaints, the customer shall give written notification of the complaint within 5 days from the date of the incident. Subject to compliance with the above obligations, which shall be a condition precedent to the Company's liability, the Company will repair or replace (at its option) any components of the Company's manufacture that fail due to faulty materials or workmanship. In case of components or products not of the Company's manufacture but supplied by the Company as part of a contract or order the Company will assign to the customer its rights against its supplier and the rights shall be taken in extinction of and substitution for any rights which the customer would otherwise have against the Company. The liability of the Company under this guarantee shall be limited to the invoice value of the component part of the ticket and the Company shall not be liable for any consequential loss or damage howsoever caused. It shall be the duty of the customer to insure against such consequential loss and to hold the Company harmless therefore.

Delivery:- The Company undertakes to use its best endeavours to dispatch the tickets on a promised delivery date, but does not guarantee to do so. Time of delivery shall not be of essence of the contract unless expressly so stipulated in writing. If delivery  is delayed by strikes, lockouts, fire, accidents, defective materials, or bought in goods or services, weather, or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of the Company a reasonable extension of time for delivery shall be granted and the customer shall pay such reasonable extra charges as shall have been occasioned by the delay.

Cost variation:- All quotations & estimates issued by the Company are, unless otherwise stated, based on current prices issued by the carrier and are subject to amendment on or after acceptance to meet any  recognized  rise or fall in such cost, should an error occur which would result in a loss to the Company, the final account will be issued at the nett cost plus overheads of the Company without profit added.

Government Taxes or levies:- Any variation to prices quoted as a result of Government Taxes and levies will be for the customer's account.

Terms of sale:- The customer shall pay strictly nett C.O.D. or with the prior agreement of the Company in writing Nett 7 days after the Invoice Date, and shall pay interest on overdue accounts of 10% above the Bank of England’s Base Rate accruing daily (from the date of the invoice) if the customer shall fail to pay promptly, the customer shall lose the benefit of any previously agreed discount. The ownership of materials delivered by the Company shall only be transferred to the customer when the customer has met all that is owing to the Company on whatever grounds, the customer is required by the Company, until all accounts paid, to store goods in such a way that it is clearly the property of the Company The risk of accidental deterioration or destruction shall pass on delivery and the customer shall insure against such risk. In the event of default by the customer in payment, the tickets & or booking shall be cancelled, any cost whatsoever involved including the initial supply, carrier’s fees & charges, recovery and loss in value will be for the customers account, the Company shall not be held liable for any penalties or losses incurred by the customer or third parties whatsoever. The customer shall pay all accounts in full and not exercise any rights of set off or counter claim against invoices submitted.

Bankruptcy:- If the customer shall become bankrupt or insolvent, or have a receiving order made against them, compound with their creditors, or being a corporation, commence to be wound up, not being a members voluntary winding up for the purpose of reconstruction or amalgamation, or carry on the business under a receiver for the benefit of its creditors or any of them, the Company shall be at liberty either:- (1) to terminate the contract forthwith by notice in writing to the customer, or to the receiver or liquidator, or to any person in whom the contract may become vested; or (2) to give such receiver, liquidator or other person the option of carrying out the contract subject to them providing a guarantee for due and faithful performance of the contract (payments to be made in advance of recommencement of the contract).

Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977:- Any provision herein set out shall, to the  extent to which it would by virtue of the Act, be of no effect as against a person dealing as a consumer, not apply in respect of a sale to a person so dealing. If any part of these conditions is found by any Court or other competent authority to be invalid, unlawful or unenforceable then such part shall be severed from the remainder of these conditions, which shall continue to be valid and enforceable to the fullest extent permitted by law.

English Law shall be the proper law of the contract.